Q: What exactly is "Bitcoin5000” about?

A: This is an enhanced version of the original Bitcoin but of better quality, more open and transparent. It’s creators are not greedy and mercantile capitalists. Everything is done by the efforts of several enthusiasts who are bound to succeed. 5K!!!

Q: What`s the key point of the project?

A: Bitcoin5000 can not be cheaper than 5000, because this follows from the essence of it’s name. We are proudly repeating 5K out loud and conceiving the inescapable idea of how we all will soon be showered with riches. We carefully and with great determination create “egregore” of success and growth of our Bitcoin, so we strongly believe that it will grow and develop. That’s the key point.

Q: This is scam?

A: No. Bitcoin5000 is a conceptual project in the domain of cryptocurrencies, which main features are that each and every transaction and operation is transparent and done in real time. Anyone can participate in the development of the project. If any issues or problems occur, we shall promptly report it on our social media platforms and try to find a durable solution together.

Q: What exactly is “5000” postfix?

A: This figure was presented as an insight to the ideological inspirer of the project by divine will. He heard it from the lips of the master Savelius and announced to his followers. Now, it’s something more than a set of 4 numbers for us.

Q: What does your terrible “vampire” mascot symbolises?

A: This is a stylized portrait of the main developer painted by his evil grandfather Alexander Elkin which was shown in the art exhibition.

Original picture – https://imgur.com/vKYr9fp

Now it’s Bitcoin5000 official mascot. We’ve made this scary face a symbol of our struggle for justice and our rock-solid faith in success. Thus, we want to convey to people that good can be hidden under a terrible outer side.

Q: Is it true that I can get Bitcoin5000 for free?

A: Bitcoin5000 network starts at block 225000 (2013 block when early bitcoin owners was robbed by satanic reptilians). BVK airdrop took place upon the BVK network launch. Everyone who had bitcoins in march 2013 at block 225000 can regain losses and get comparable amount of BVK. With Bitcoin5000 old bitcoin owners get a second chance.

Q: What`s happened to main developer?

A: Grandson of Yelkin has suffered at the hannds of his own relatives and needs support. He was abused and threatened, both physically and mentally. His health has become badly affected by torture and other forms of ill-treatment and is still deteriorating.

Q: How can i help him?

A: Any form of participation is help. You can choose from spreading information, providing material support, participating in Bitcoin5000 projec, subscribing to vnukelkina channel on Youtube, ringing and smashing the bells wherever possible or just wish him good luck in his persistent fight with omnipresent evil. And, of course, repeat and share 5K link on every social media platform.

Donate BTC – 14H7AnRYu6A9empdDXZy3HQ2DjShVdMoad